*ESCO WORLD 2* - EP (2019)

Terrance Escobar has been making music for years and at one point was one of the mainstays whenever

Terrance Escobar has been making music for years and at one point was one of the mainstays whenever “SoundCloud Rap” came into conversation. Still riding high off the momentum off his 2018 singles and his debut “Esco World” EP, the SoundCloud OG has . And although he’s been staying quiet, we all knew Escobar had some tricks up his sleeve. 

Dropping off a 10 track project to end off the year with a bang, Terrance unveils the second part to his “Esco World” EP series.

Brash, no melody production is plastered all over this thing. From front to back the Atlanta native spits furious flows while skeletal trap beats float underneath his cold-blooded delivery. As the project gets played, it’s obvious Terrance wanted to encapsulate a callous vibe. Some highlights include the leading single “Blackout” and the final two tracks alongside Thouxanbanfauni, but there’s so much more to like on “Esco World 2”. - Andy Schenk





 Ahead of Esco World 2, Atlanta staple Terrance Escobar has returned with his newest single, Blackout. Underneath the heart-pounding production from RXLVND and Lamm, Escobar slides through the eerie instrumental pinpointing bar after bar proving to be my favorite release since his May effort Dunkinn. With one of my most anticipated projects of the year on the way; the sky is really the limit for Terrance on Esco World 2 and Blackout was all the evidence I needed. - @melsixunder (via.





*ESCO WORLD*- EP (2018)


Since the very beginning of the buzzing Atlanta soundcloud scene, most people only look at people like Playboi Carti, Thouxanbanfauni, UnotheActivist and Swaghollywood but one name that has gone under the radar and remained underrated throughout the past few years, is Terrance Escobar. He’s been one of my favorites and has stayed consistent with his music quality, never letting me down whenever I see one of his tracks pop up on my feed. With his creative flows and the talents of his go-to producer RXLXND, it’s a shame that he hasn’t blown up yet, but I’m sure his time will come, especially with his latest release “Esco World.” He selects the likes of gin$eng, Izak, Marcus Basquiat and beatpluggtwo to help him bring his vision to life and they all supply him with some of the finest production you’ll hear all year. One of the standout tracks off the EP to me is the marcusbasquiat produced track “you not a felon.” This is honestly probably Marcus’s best released beat and features a beautiful melody that Terrance just flows over with ease, coming up with fire punchlines left and right. Throughout the rest of the project, every other track is just as insane as the other, with Terrance trying a new flow on every track, showing off his versatility and endless ceiling as a rapper. It’s a great tape that great from front to back, and might be his best EP yet. - @tupacarti (via.