Prominent In The Vigorous Ever-Changing Alternate Universe Of Underground Rap Music Culture - For 6 Consecutive Years, International Artist Terrance Escobar Has Established Himself To Be A Creative Veteran And A True Trailblazer. Mostly Known for Blending His Signature Energized Flow With Non-Traditional Rap Styles Over Unparalleled, Abstract Production. Without The Aid Of Any Major Record Labels, Marketing Team, Or Features Nor Co-Signs From Any Mainstream Artist, Terrance Escobar Has Managed To Surpass Well Over A Million+ Streams On Multiple Major Music Streaming Platforms. Completely Independent Escobar Has  Performed All Over The United States, Not To Mention His Headlining Tour Overseas in 2018 (Italy, Germany, And The Netherlands.) Escobar’s Versatility And Raw Talent Outshines The Norm While His  Explicitly Witty Lyrics & Unique Delivery Has Proven That He Is Indeed Far From Your Average Small Town ‘Backpack Rapper’ On The Internet. Pushing The Boundaries To Create A Sub Genre Of HipHop/Rap Music With Classic Underground Hits Such As “FANTA” & “iSKKKRRRTTT” Under His Belt Generating A Combined Total Of Over 3.1 Million Continuous Streams Alone, Escobar Has Compelled Enough Supporters Around The Globe To Form A Small Cult-Like Following. Writing Music As Early As The Age Of 15, Recording In Small Closet Spaces, U-Haul Storage Units, A Trapped Out Airbnb Kitchen On Moreland Ave. In East Atlanta, There Is No Denying Escobar’s Rise In The Underworld Of “Mumble Rap” And His Musical Ability To Turn Nothing Into Something. Born In Spartanburg, SC (April, 1996).